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1Lieferschein Initiative

The open standard that digitizes delivery notes and saves costs

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local and mobile

The delivery note can be sent either through an automatic and configuration-free exchange between the existing background systems of the companies involved (ERP, merchandise management, shop) or via mobile devices.

completely digital

1Delivery note represents a fully digitized process and goes beyond the mere digital archiving of paper copies.

offline and online

Smartphones and smartwatches can be used to transfer the data locally. The technology is based on a contactless transfer similar to that of credit cards.

protected and confidential

The data remain with the parties involved and are not stored centrally. There is no need to pay a central service provider and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is ensured.

free and free for everyone

The use of the open standard 1Delivery Note is free of charge. There are no license fees for transactions.

safe and free

Neither registration nor a common IT infrastructure is required to participate. The dispatch takes place in real time via various channels such as e-mail, EDI, Peppol and the newly developed DTRANS procedure. In addition, the transport of the data is encrypted to ensure security.

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1Lieferschein - The revolution of the delivery note!

We are pleased to announce that we have joined the 1Delivery Note initiative. As pioneers in the digital transformation of supply chain management, our mission is to pave the way for more efficient and sustainable business operations.

What is 1Lieferschein?

1Delivery Note is a pioneering initiative that aims to replace the traditional paper-based delivery note with a digital solution. The delivery note is a crucial document in the supply chain that contains information about the transport, the recipient, the products and other relevant details. With the introduction of 1 delivery note, this information is electronically recorded, processed and securely stored.

The new standard

The 1Lieferschein initiative sets a standard for digital delivery notes. This standard is based on established international standards for mapping receipts for business transactions and integrates innovative components for communication and data transport.

The advantages

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