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By being able to process all the data available in your company directly, you reduce additional work and the transfer of data from one system to another. Employees no longer have to jump from program to program to edit and complete processes. With kontrool you have a uniform solution for multiple work processes. With a bundled package of functions, you effectively gain time and an overview of all processes in one innovative software.

Billing - transparent and automated

With kontrool, the costs of your devices can finally be recorded and charged according to origin. For each of your projects, there is transparency about the tools and machines used. Services are billed precisely and are transferred to your ERP system. 

  • automated billing

  • ​precise billing through precise recording​​ ​​

  • Saving valuable working time​​​

Einfache Verrechnung von Baumschinen mit kontrool

Utilization planning - For effective use

Construction machines and tools should be used and not gather dust in the warehouse. With kontrool you plan the utilization of your devices across all projects. Expensive machines are used more efficiently and downtimes are minimized. This is how you manage your equipment pool effectively and cost-effectively.

  • Utilization directly visible

  • ​more efficient deployment planning through reliable data​

  • ​effective management of your equipment fleet​​

Mit kontrool können 24/7 Auswertungen der Projekte und Baustellen sowie des Bestandes durchgeführt werden

Live map view - the perfect eye

Always keep an eye on the location of your devices and vehicles. You can follow construction machines from different manufacturers in real time via our map view. For this you can integrate your existing tracking system via kontrool or use our GPS units. Having the best possible overview of your entire inventory could never have been easier.

  • clear overview of your entire inventory

  • Always the latest status​​​

  • ​You search less, you always find your desired position​

Mit kontrool stets Baumaschinen und Material auf der Karte sehen können

For the office - Success through a feature-rich platform 

scheduling exams
and maintenance - the perfect plan for all (service) cases

The planning, implementation and especially the documentation of tests is very time-consuming. Ad hoc inquiries constantly tear you out of the testing process. We support you on the way from a repair to a maintenance operation. In this way, unplannable ad hoc requests are minimized and plannable tasks are maximized. Problems are identified before they even arise.

  • Simple documentation of tests and maintenance

  • Maintenance and test reports can be viewed anytime and anywhere via the device file

  • automatic reminder of upcoming inspections and maintenance​​

  • No more rework, but effective preparatory work​​​​​​

Prüfungen und Wartungen von Baumaschinen digital erfassen und verwalten

Order as in the online shop

With kontrool you enable your employees to order their needs via an in-house online shop. Regardless of whether it is devices, materials or personal protective equipment, with kontrool the order is conveniently carried out via an app using a uniform process. Numerous phone calls are no longer necessary. With our ordering process, your construction sites can continue to work and you benefit from a smooth everyday work routine.

  • Orders by phone are no longer necessary

  • direct processing of the order by kontrool​​​​

  • You no longer lose time, but a smooth and comfortable work rhythm​​

Die Baustelle mittels digitaler Bestellungen versorgen



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