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tracking devices

Knowing the "when and where?"

The search for the correct whereabouts of a tool or a construction machine can lead to conflicts at the construction yard, in the office and above all on the construction site. Our tracking function gives you an optimal overview of your inventory. Whether in the clear map view or via the activity log in the device file. Movements and status changes are immediately stored in kontrool and thus ensure a transparent and well-maintained device file.

  • maintained history of device and machine activity

  • always stores the current location and responsible person

  • Current status of the construction machine stored in the device share

kontrool Standorte

Order as in the online shop

With kontrool you enable your employees to order their needs via an in-house online shop. Regardless of whether it is devices, materials or personal protective equipment, with kontrool the order is conveniently carried out via an app using a uniform process. Numerous phone calls are no longer necessary. With our ordering process, your construction sites can continue to work and you benefit from a smooth everyday work routine.

  • Orders by phone are no longer necessary

  • direct processing of the order by kontrool​​​​

  • You no longer lose time, but a smooth and comfortable work rhythm​​

kontrool Bestellungen

Handover protocols and release notification

finally digital and without flyers

If you don't need your devices at times, you can easily register them via kontrool. Employees from other construction sites are informed and can use the machines in the meantime. The handover is documented directly via a smartphone. In doing so, you not only hand over your construction machine, but also the responsibility for it. Hoarding of tools and machines can finally be done with the help of a digital vacancy notification and  Handover can be solved easily.

  • Vacancies directly via app or on the web

  • Digitally record and view handover protocols

  • Hoarding of machines and tools through a transparent and fast free message at any time

kontrool Karte

No more standing still

Everything is always there, where and when it needs to be!

Relieve the site manager and the foreman with reliable deliveries of equipment and materials, quick replacement in the event of a defect, digital delivery notes and uncomplicated installation documentation. Don't let your construction sites wait, but establish integrative processes with kontrool. Effectiveness and an effective everyday work are now your companions.

  • integrative processes solve the multiplatform problem

  • Documentation of any activity at any time and any place

  • Digital ordering process for the optimal supply of any construction site

  • central platform for all core tasks in everyday construction work

Für den Bauhof

Für das Büro

Für die Baustelle

The simplest management of test reports

In control you document and plan all device tests. Regardless of whether TÜV or UVV - the documents no longer end up in any folder but in a central location. Whether in the workshop or on the construction site, all employees can view the test certificates for all devices. It does not matter whether you or an external examiner carried out the examination. Thus, all relevant documents are brought together on a central platform and are no longer distributed 

  • Easily manage reports and documents

  • Time and location-independent documentation of your maintenance

  • ​external test can also be documented​​

kontrool Prüfung durchführen

Defect reporting of devices

Are you familiar with this phenomenon? A defective device is taken to a construction site and cannot be used there. Work steps cannot be carried out and replacement devices are in short supply. With kontrool this state is abolished. Defect reports are created directly via the smartphone and can be supplemented with photos. The repair is prepared early in the workshop and the device cannot be used again until it is working properly. This guarantees long-term use and your company makes the step from repair to maintenance with increasing efficiency.

  • Defects can be reported at any time via app and web

  • Documentation of a defect can be recorded directly and important photos can be stored

  • Transformation from repair to maintenance operation

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