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Den Bauhof komplett digital abbilden

Warehouse management system simply thought

Unplanned search and loading times prevent you from efficiently processing your tasks. With kontrool you can finally bring more overview and order to your warehouse. Thanks to our innovative and individually adaptable article logic, you finally have time for the really important tasks. Annoying searches are no longer part of it. How can a construction company meet current requirements and get chaotic warehousing under control? That works - with control.

More overview in the warehouse thanks to our powerful warehouse management system

An effective warehouse management software for the construction yard is no longer a dream of the future, but already a reality with control. The warehouse management program kontrool is a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of a warehouse management system.

  • You get an overview of the entire inventory via app and web anytime and anywhere

  • Real-time information and current activities of your devices and materials bring all data to the here and now. You do not work afterwards, but always with real data

  • Stock items are always linked to information about quantities, locations and status.

By digitizing the inventory, you create a clear and easy-to-find information platform for all equipment. Tumbling through mountains of paper and trawling through endless Excel lists is no longer a must. The easy finding of articles and the constantly new information enable smooth processes in the warehouse. From goods receipt to goods issue, all necessary operations are covered. kontrool takes digital warehouse management to a new level and so does your company! 

digitaler Zwilling jeglicher Baumaschinen

order is created
Warehouse management via software

There is a storage location for an angle grinder, but there really isn’t one on the shelf? The correct whereabouts are only discovered after eager phoning around? With kontrool you no longer have to be a detective to keep order in the warehouse. We offer you a coordinated warehouse management system, because order in the warehouse is an important factor in the success of your construction company. As soon as something changes in the warehouse, the relevant employees are informed about changes in the traffic jam. No more wandering around, just manage current inventory through our software. Thanks to our individually adaptable article logic, you will receive an arrangement tailored to your company. Excel can say goodbye and a better organization of the warehouse is introduced with kontrool. Devices and material are now divided into classes, groups and types and can therefore not only be found more quickly, but also give an orderly overview of the inventory. Chaos was yesterday - control is today and warehouse management works without Excel!

Ordnung ins Lager durch ein Lagerverwaltungssystem

A warehouse management app for every construction company

Warehouse management programs have accompanied construction companies for decades. Missing functions are supplemented with new programs. With kontrool, all tasks and functions of warehouse logistics are combined in one software. With our warehouse management system, you get access to a modern and effective solution to classic problems of common warehouse management software. Advantages that your company generates with kontrool.

  • Reduction of running costs

  • effective management of equipment, machinery and material

  • time-efficient inventory of your warehouse

The inventory runs via our warehouse software with scanners or mobile devices. Management and warehouse merge into one!

Software für Lagermanagement nutzen

Convince yourself of our software for your warehouse management

With our warehouse software, your warehouse management gets a meaningful partner. Our warehouse management system not only reduces additional costs, but also ensures a more transparent warehouse organization. Fast searches and clear resource information give material and device management the basis for efficient action and work. We would like to accompany you with kontrool in the digitization of your company and redefine construction and warehouse management together. We tackle this with our cloud-based warehouse management, because warehousing only needs one software - kontrool. Thanks to kontrool, create sustainable and technical support for your processes in order to prevent errors in operation and create a high degree of productivity. Thanks to mobile technologies, inventory management receives data in real time and can make better and shorter-term decisions. Because current data provides a basis for meaningfully implementing decisions in the company.

effektive Lagerverwaltung mit kontrool

Effective warehouse management finally without Excel stress

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