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Bring the construction site to the office with a construction app

Bringing the construction site to the office with an app sounds impossible at first - but it's possible with kontrool. Long phone calls and confusing project processes are a thing of the past with our construction software. Clarity for and trust in the processes are finally tangible! 

digitales Baumanagement
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Digitize construction management

Combine construction and software to save costs

Optimize your construction management with our construction software

The documentation of damage on the construction site, the user-friendly procurement processes and transparent overviews give you the best possible conditions for making everyday construction work more cost- and time-efficient. Just like the effective linking of construction site and office, working without papers is a principle of kontrool. Start the strategic management of any work process with a good feeling and strong software!

Baumanagement optimieren

kontrool provides reliable documentation of damage on site

Material, devices and machines wear out with every use. A defect or damage cannot be avoided in the long term. Site managers and other construction site personnel can use the app to immediately report damage. You can attach barrier-free documents of any kind, whether images, videos or PDFs, thus ensuring that the damage is correctly diagnosed in the office and workshop. The condition of the equipment is therefore always up-to-date and the immediate damage report reduces the rework considerably!

Schäden auf der Baustelle dokumentieren

Project overview through an app for the construction site

When is an excavator where? And how much cement has been used so far? These questions cannot be answered off the cuff, but can be seen directly with a quick glance at the control. You can find out which devices and machines are in use on a construction site or project in our transparent site and project overviews. Operating hours, as well as material consumption, can be booked directly and enable precise billing. kontrool saves you time and increases productivity in the company.

Projektübersicht digital

An app for site managers and software for your business

Analogue planning boards and Excel lists filled with data are potential time-wasters in everyday construction work. With our optimized and simple ordering process, the procurement process is raised to a new plateau. The deployment planning of devices and machines is processed quickly by our digital disposition and thus enables a smooth workflow on the construction site and in the office - and all that without chaotic paperwork!

digitales Management
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