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Geräteverwaltung mit kontrool vereinfachen

Simplify device management with kontrool

When, where and how is a device used? This is an everyday question on the building yard and the construction site. There is a long wait for replacement equipment and the work rhythm gradually resembles the pace of a snail. Software for device management and thus digital device management is required. The solution: control! Our software solution gives you access to an optimized and intuitive tool management system.

Den Gerätepark und Betrieb durch leistungsstarke Software unterstützen

Support the equipment park and operation with powerful software

One construction site is full and another is a wasteland in terms of equipment and machines? Hoarding and accumulating resources is one reason for sluggish construction progress. Some employees are looking for construction machinery and others can hardly move around the construction site due to a lack of space. Device scheduling is becoming more and more difficult, although scheduling could be significantly smoother controlled by our software. Regardless of location, (replacement) orders can be submitted via app and web and solved quickly with the help of digital scheduling. With kontrool, resource planning on the construction site is finally made clear!

Manage devices and tools via app

Device management apps are a dime a dozen. Free device management software lacks the necessary features, functions and interfaces for all departments to work professionally and independently of location. With our software you can easily edit, organize and manage any device, machine and tool via app and web. We rely on our cross-platform software solution and mobile device management so that device management and tool management is quick and easy for you!

Geräte- und Werkzeugverwaltung in einer übersichtlicher Software

Device and tool management in a clear software

Instructions for use in the tool case, test reports in the filing cabinet and operational planning on boards and in notebooks - tool and device management is time-consuming work with mountains of paper and a high potential for errors. You get comprehensive equipment management with the introduction of our software kontrool via app and web. Important files can be added to the device file and can be accessed by all employees. Equipped with all important data and facts, your entire company always receives the important information that enables a smooth everyday work.

Construction machinery and tools with a checklist and easy handover

A construction machine, for example an excavator, is to be transported to another construction site. Unfortunately, carrying, signing and archiving the handover protocol for construction machinery is time-consuming and nerve-wracking. Our digital checklist for tools, machines and all conceivable operating resources shortens this process. The careful handling of the handover protocol does not become an additional workload, but takes place in just a few clicks. We make device management via app very easy. 

Convince yourself of our software for construction machine and device management!

Access to simple and effective device and tool management via app and web is within reach for you. kontrool enables you to have transparent resource management, filled with real-time data and all the information you need to cope with everyday work. The efficient organization and digitization of the workshop and the warehouse management of small businesses to medium-sized companies are the goals of our software. The management of a disposition and your tool is made easy for you and you create a basis for efficient and effective work in your company!

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