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Organize picking of orders via app

Our commitment

  • Simple operation - designed for quick handling

  • Order as in the online shop

  • Real-time information on all orders

  • Paperless work and avoiding the intensive paperwork

  • Orders can be processed quickly and easily with a smartphone or tablet

  • continuous support and advice from our team


Does your company want efficient order picking to meet the demands of the warehouse? With our software, we offer you the basis for smooth picking of your inventory. We rely on uncomplicated and intuitive handling. The use of different, state-of-the-art technology enables you to work in a relaxed manner in the warehouse. 

With kontrool, ordering materials, devices and tools is as easy as in an online shop. These orders are picked directly via the software so that your construction sites are supplied promptly.

Replace analogue picking via app 

Analog picking can quickly become a major source of errors in warehouse work due to a veritable chaos of notes. Sometimes an order form has not been printed out or has been misplaced and the carrier is already eagerly waiting for his goods to be picked up. The certificate has to be reissued and the actual work has come to a standstill for the time being. Digital picking with control of the paperwork can already put a spanner in the works. With the app and without fiddling with paper, your warehouse can control the essential tasks and finally work paperless!

Schilderegal mit Datamatrix-Code

Sign rack with data matrix code

Quick picking with QR/data matrix code

With control and 2D codes, picking is done in passing - quickly scanned and placed on the pallet! No more hacking and jotting down, instead you have everything you need for picking in your pocket. Deploying equipment and supplies has never been easier!

Order picking with control!

Kontrool avoids inscrutable and chaotic picking processes. Due to the simple operation and the transparent structure, the picking of any article can be made faster, more effective and manageable. With just a few clicks, the items are picked to where you want them to be. You no longer have to wander through the labyrinth of the warehouse with a piece of paper and hope that the sweat-smeared piece of paper still has all the letters where they should be. With kontrool, you can casually walk through the warehouse with a smartphone or tablet and process and pick orders in a relaxed yet quick manner. 

Bauhof und Baustelle jetzt digital verbessern


Take the digital practice test now:


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